Monthly Archives: November 2019

Customer Support & Product Development

Missing that personal touch? Sales representatives visiting you a thing of the past?

At Coventry Grinders, absolutely not. 

We offer a completely personalised service with our internal and external sales staff. We are able to visit you and diagnose problems and provide solutions with product or process.

Whether it is a simple grinding operation or consignment stocks. We can offer it all.

With internal account management, all your needs can also be catered for, usually by 1 assigned person, with transparency and professionalism at the forefront.

Often these two go hand in hand and work simultaneously to offer our customers the very best service.

If you would like us to pay you a visit to discuss your requirements or just a phone call to have a chat. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

tel: 02476 233933


Coventry Grinders Sawing Capacity

Increased sawing capacity

One of the many strings to Coventry Grinders bow is our cutting service / capacity. 

We have recently increased our capacity and are now running 3 saws, 2 saws capable of 300mm width (pictured above) and 1 capable of 457mm (18″).

This has allowed us to deal with our increased volume in bespoke cutting jobs and quantity orders. Most importantly, allowing us to turn jobs around quickly and keep our valued customers happy.